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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice....Snow....2 hour delay.....Cancel

I woke up at about 4 this morning.  Since I was already awake, why not just check my twitter?  I follow NEksKDOT (if you don't tweet, this probably doesn't make sense to you) and she has tweeted that I-70 is closed in Geary and Riley counties.  Um.  OK.  Flip on the TV and nothing is really going on there.  Check my tweets again.  Interesting.  Fall back to sleep.  Sort of.  The twins had to be at school around 7 to sign up for a research paper topic and then to band practice for the Winter Band Concert.
5:50 a.m.  Coach wakes up Twin 1.  It takes him a while to orient to the world--he has to work himself into getting up. 

6:05 a.m.  Wake up Twin 2.  She tells her dad--nope--the TV flashes 2 hour delay for our school district.  KSU cancels.  I get txt message from my calling tree person telling me of the 2 hour delay.  Forward txt message to my person.  I love txt messaging.  Fall into the best sleep of the night.

Wake up at 7:55 a.m.  School canceled.  Forward txt message.  Watch TV to see all the cancellations.  Listen to my husband tell me that our dog Ruby couldn't grasp the concept of slick sidewalks.  Stupid dog.  Watch CBS This Morning and wonder why those people think they are so funny.  Because they are not. 

Get out of bed at 9.  Drink copious amounts of coffee.  Read newspaper, facebook and twitter.  Catch up on blogs.  Watch the old guy across the street shuffle out to his car and start it up.  Pray he isn't planning to go anywhere.  Whew.  He was only warming it up.  Whew.  He didn't fall. 

Charge all electronic devices.  At least if we lose power, I can still play Angry Birds. 

I took these pictures around 10:30......

We live on a brick street.  It looks really cool with the layer of ice on it.

We had had no traffic.

UNTIL I went outside in my robe to take these pictures and then wouldn't you know, traffic.  There's no way that they didn't see me.  Happens. Every. Time.  Trauma for the driver of the white truck.  I can only hope it was someone I don't know. 

And yes, I am still wearing my robe.  It's a snow day.  I don't have to get dressed.  Just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

Our dog didn't "get" it, either! Fell off the steps. More than once. Such varying reports of snow in the forecast. Think we'll be back tomorrow??

Joyce said...

We have had a door mat of solid ice outside our back door for the past month and a half. Every day my dog slides across it like she doesn't know its there. It's hilarious.

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