We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature--trees, flowers, grass--grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...We need silence to be able to touch souls. --Mother Teresa

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dylan Plays Ball...Sort Of

So this guy hung out with us today. He is awesome!

We had a great time with him and he went home a veryveryvery tired little guy. I didn't feed him too much junk....his mom won't let him come back if I do....and we played outside most of the day.

He starts to play ball...Mr. Wonderful demonstrates...then gets distracted by a plane.

And he runs just like his dad. Only faster.

Have you noticed that we have a lot of little people hanging out with us? Big people just don't like us.

Just sayin'.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Please pray for me. All day.


Because I am going shopping with these people:
Do I have to? I hate shopping. Unless it is on the internet or for groceries. I love the grocery store. But shopping with these people? Not so much.

Frick and Frack are buying new bicycles.

College Girl and Frack are on the search for swimsuits. Oh joy of joys. Ever been shopping with girls for swimsuits? Poke my eyes out with a fork why doncha? It would be easier than swimsuit shopping.

And I am on a mission for fabric for a quilt. Good luck with that is what you are saying right now. Shut. Up.

Oh and College Girl's cell phone has issues....sooooooooooo....off to the phone store.

And we were supposed to have left 30 minutes ago.

Dang it. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is There.....

Anything better than a sleeping baby? Nope. There is nothing better.

This guy came for a date with College Girl but liked me better. As usual. He crawled up on my lap and laid his head upon my shoulder, snuggled right in and a few pats later....was asleep for 2 hours.

Yep. I held him the ENTIRE time. It was pure bliss.

I finished my book while he was napping. It was pure bliss.

And then I took a little nap. It was pure bliss.

Thanks to College Girl for this lovely shot. Watch. Your. Back. Sisterfriend.

Just sayin'.


Oh...I know. It's Way Back Wednesday. Maybe later. Or maybe not.

Yesterday was my last contract day for the 08/09 school year. Which means...actually, it means nothing. I cleaned my room, put away everything that doesn't weigh 2 tons and walked away.

And these are the only 2 bags of "stufftodo" I brought home. For now. I will return for some language arts files after the crack cleaning team we employ finishes cleaning the building on June 5. And then for some math files. And then for some science files. And then for some social studies files. And....and well, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, this room is all mine. Yesterday I proclaimed to my people..."GET YOUR CRAP OUT OF MY SPACE"....and they did. Wow.

So maybe some of that crap is um...actually mine. But hey, it's my space so it can have my crap in it. Don't judge me too harshly because up to now, I haven't ever claimed my own space. It's time. I am a grown up and I would like to do some stuff.

Like work on my UFO's. You know...Unfinished Fabric Objects. This pile is just a small sample of my UFO's.
Here is something that I have managed to hide from many a friend...I love fabric. I collect it. It's a gene pool issue.

But for now....I have been to the library and added several (OK...6) books to my stack. Not to mention the books my girls checked out. This is the book I chose to start my summer reading with:

I love this series of books and was glad to see this newest addition on the shelf. I am on page 123....and plan to spend my day finishing.....it's rainy and cold.....how else would you spend the day?

Just sayin'.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

What does Memorial Day mean to you? This morning as I was drinking my coffee in silence....and contemplating the day....I realized that I have so very much to be thankful for....and as I went to get the paper in my robe...I saw that someone had put our flags out. And that the neighbors were up and had begun to put their flags out. And I realized they all could probably see me in my winter robe (hint hint...MOM). So I went inside, got dressed in my summer uniform (black shorts, white tee) and headed out to take some pictures of flags around our community....

Flags at the cemetery.......

And I remembered that this day is to honor our people who have served our country...as well as those who have been taken from us too soon......

And those who served our country in good times and bad.....

And that life is for the living.

And for those who made my life just a little...or a lot...richer...Miss you....

For ties that bind....

For friends and neighbors.......

Who have spent their lives trying to make our community a better place....

Thanks....just sayin'.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Found, but....

OK. I found the picture. But....

WE still aren't clear what year it is. It might 1996 when the twins were 2...not 3. Duh. Now my secret is out....I don't really know what year my kids were born. I have some trouble with that because...well, see this post if you really want to know. Or if you can't remember like me.

Or it might just be 1997. And we had moved to town already. It is more likely that it is 1997 and the twins are 3. That's what we're goin' with. So there is no real excuse for our lovelymismatched clothing choices.

Anyway, it seems as though Frick was about to launch himself somewhere. Notice the death grip I have on his arm. Frack seems like she was trying to become one with me--again. Family pics just aren't something that we have ever done well. My girls just stare at the photographer like he has grown antlers and my son smiles like a million dollars is at stake. Mr. Wonderful's eyes disappear when he smiles and my hair...is always...well, wonderful at the time and hilarious years later.

That's ok. Because 30 years from now when we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary--we'll have some great laughs with our people.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Closer

Just like I promised a few weeks ago, I am starting to post pics of us through the years. I am pretty sure this was the mid 90's. Maybe. Maybe not. Oh it is. Look at my hair. Duh. Although...I have to admit it looks pretty darn good.

And don't our clothes match nicely? Geez....that was my favorite outfit. It had these really awesome shorts and everything was all matchymatchy. It was the 90's after all. And I am pretty sure that Mr. Wonderful just put on a shirt and got into the car.

Having some discussion during my attempt to post.....Mr. Wonderful seems to think this pic was snapped in 1996. Because there is a family picture that cannot be located somewhere in my house. It is missing. All the other family pics are displayed nicely on my buffet in my dining room. But not this one. Lost. Probably stored in a rubbermaid tub tucked away in some secret place.

Anyway, the reason he just put on a shirt and got into the car is that at this point in our lives we lived 15 miles from town, had a 7 year old and 3 year old twins. This pic was taken for our church directory---and as I am posting I am remembering....a lot of details. Like it was pouring rain and my hair was at risk of being ruined. Never a good a thing. And in the family picture....we are NOT even close to color coordinated.

I am going to find that picture. NOW.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day

So it's the last day of school.....and....it is the last day my babies will be freshmen in high school....and it's the last day that my third grade babies will be with me. Always a sad day.

For me. For their moms and dads.

Especially the moms.

In our little-neck-of-the-woods we have a K-3 building and then they "graduate" to a 4/5 building and then its offtomiddleschool! EEK! Unfortunately, it goes about that fast. Third grade is the last year of single digit birthdays for them--the next birthday is double digits and as I always tell them--they be double digits forever unless they are mean enough to live to triple digits. Some of them are....just sayin'.

But for me--and we all know that it is all about me and if you don't, you need to get on that train now--the last day of school means that I can spend time in the rejuvenate relax relearn mode.

And READ. Some of you know that I am an avidavidavid reader. I love historical fiction. I love family sagas. I love Jeffrey Archer. I lovelovelove Lauraine Snelling. And I love to read. Right now my book stack x 2 has about 16 books in it.

And I am starting tonight.

Oh, and thanks to my friend Dawn for snapping this pic of me at book club last Monday night. And for the cherries with limeade. Isn't that sunset behind me the greatest?

Maybe I will sneak out to her house and sit and read in this spot. Just sayin'.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Repeat After Me

A VERY good friend of mine recently sent her very good friends this email..........

Repeat after me.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

OK....so this is what I have done for WBW this week....random pics from throughout the school year. Some are as recent as over the weekend and some are as way back as August 2008. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation 2009

Graduation 2009....a wonderful celebration of our-little-neck-of-the-woods young people. Our day started at church with a wonderful flute solo by a very special young lady that I am proud to call my friend(see video at bottom of post).

Anyway....I loved this picture.....and I took it without a flash because it is AGAINST THE LAW to take pictures in our sanctuary. And I don't care.....because when I get to heaven if God says, "Sorry, I just can't let you in because you took picture in the sanctuary." So be it....I guess I will see how hell really looks....just sayin'....this is just too moving to have not captured them at this very moment...I almost made it through without tears(that's a bigfatlie) and then I saw this and I was out. Pass the kleenex already, would ya?

Later, at the ceremony....my favorite twins in the county played in the band. And they sounded good--even missing 29 members who were dressed in caps and gowns sitting behind them.

Pretty cool pic...I could have edited it...but why?

This was the commencement address speaker...and my Neighbor Boy. He said something that I never want to forget...."Persistence is the key to success, not talent, not genius or education alone. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Un-rewarded genius is almost a proverb and the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are most powerful."

I couldn't agree more, Neighbor Boy. You rock....

Later in the afternoon, we headed south to see this veryveryvery special person celebrate her graduation. I love this picture of she and her mom....does life get any better than moments like this?

Way to go sister friend...we love you!

Remember at the beginning of this post I declared that I was proud of this young lady.....and here is why I am sooooooo proud of her....because no matter where she's at...no matter who she is with....she always takes the time to stop, make eye contact and speak to me. Saturday night we were at a function of this guys and as she left with her group....she was the only one who stopped and spoke to me(and she had REALLYREALLY awesome hair and was sporting the most fantastic pair of boots)...and at that moment I thought this girls gonna make it--she's got character deeply embedded in her soul. Her moms got it going on.....

All in all an extremely wonderful day...some great kids "grew up" and are off and running towards being great grown ups....and I am going to miss seeing them and being a part of their everyday life.

But they know where to find me.........and they know if they need anything but money....I am there.

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind, but you destroy yourself when you are cruel. -Proverbs 11: 17