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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation 2009

Graduation 2009....a wonderful celebration of our-little-neck-of-the-woods young people. Our day started at church with a wonderful flute solo by a very special young lady that I am proud to call my friend(see video at bottom of post).

Anyway....I loved this picture.....and I took it without a flash because it is AGAINST THE LAW to take pictures in our sanctuary. And I don't care.....because when I get to heaven if God says, "Sorry, I just can't let you in because you took picture in the sanctuary." So be it....I guess I will see how hell really looks....just sayin'....this is just too moving to have not captured them at this very moment...I almost made it through without tears(that's a bigfatlie) and then I saw this and I was out. Pass the kleenex already, would ya?

Later, at the ceremony....my favorite twins in the county played in the band. And they sounded good--even missing 29 members who were dressed in caps and gowns sitting behind them.

Pretty cool pic...I could have edited it...but why?

This was the commencement address speaker...and my Neighbor Boy. He said something that I never want to forget...."Persistence is the key to success, not talent, not genius or education alone. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Un-rewarded genius is almost a proverb and the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are most powerful."

I couldn't agree more, Neighbor Boy. You rock....

Later in the afternoon, we headed south to see this veryveryvery special person celebrate her graduation. I love this picture of she and her mom....does life get any better than moments like this?

Way to go sister friend...we love you!

Remember at the beginning of this post I declared that I was proud of this young lady.....and here is why I am sooooooo proud of her....because no matter where she's at...no matter who she is with....she always takes the time to stop, make eye contact and speak to me. Saturday night we were at a function of this guys and as she left with her group....she was the only one who stopped and spoke to me(and she had REALLYREALLY awesome hair and was sporting the most fantastic pair of boots)...and at that moment I thought this girls gonna make it--she's got character deeply embedded in her soul. Her moms got it going on.....

All in all an extremely wonderful day...some great kids "grew up" and are off and running towards being great grown ups....and I am going to miss seeing them and being a part of their everyday life.

But they know where to find me.........and they know if they need anything but money....I am there.

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