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Thursday, February 12, 2009


So it's Friday the 13th. And listen up. Do not complain. It's all about attitude.

See this picture? It's College Girl....on Friday the 13th. Yep, she was born on a beautiful Friday in April. It was the greatest day EVEREVEREVEREVER. Big Guy and I were in Heaven. Over the moon....Friday the 13th? Greatest day ever.

And she was cute, too. And smelled so sweet...for a minute. And those lips...I just love baby lips. Oh, and my good friend, WB, will tell you I LOVE baby feet. First thing I do is take off those socks and check out the feet. Baby feet are the greatest.

College Girl did have a hairy forehead. Her hairline kind of....well...really just started at her eyebrows and went to her butt crack. Hey, it happens.

College Girl was pretty darn special, too. First grandchild for my mom and first great grandchild for my grandparents. Here are my grandparents on their first official visit to College Girl. They still liked me best. Sorry College Girl.

But guess what? 4 years and a month later.....it's Friday the 13th. And guess what? Yep, The Twins are born on a sunny Friday in May. It was the greatest day EVEREVEREVEREVER x 2. I am telling you that on that day I was amazed at Him. How lucky can I be? 3 kids...2 birthdays....all on Friday the 13th. Big Guy and I were in Heaven. Over the moon....Friday the 13th? Greatest day ever.

This is Frick. He's the middle child--sort of. Feel bad for him...he is sandwiched between two girls who think he is the greatest thing. Oh don't let them kid you.....they love him.

And look at his lips. Oh, I love baby lips. Boy, he could eat. Well....still can.

And here is Frack. Ooohhh...look at those lips! She was such a wonderful baby....they both were. If they had been born first we probably would have had 10 kids...just kidding, Mom. But really, Frick and Frack were great babies. We had such a good time with all 3 kids. College Girl loved the babies soooo much and she was such good help.

I know what you are thinking....Oh my, is that your real hair color? Might be...I was 27. Man, whomever sold me those glasses ought to be shot. Them suckers are butt ugly.

Here is my grandpa with Frick and Frack....I love this picture. He was so proud of those babies! He still liked me best. Sorry Frick and Frack.

They grew up so fast....Big Guy and I are amazed at how fast time has gone. Friday the 13th's are very special around our house....3 of the greatest gifts ever...came to us on Friday the 13th.

Today I was called to the office for an urgent message. So I went on down there....and the Secretaries pointed to this:

Flowers. FLOWERS. Flowers from my Husband with a card that read, "Happy Friday the 13th!"

Flowers from my husband has only happened about 3 times in 22 years.

Friday the 13th is a gift. Have a wonderful day!


katehenry said...

1. Love your glasses!

2. Thanks for reminding me how fast my kids will grow up! I will try to remember that when I am complaining about changing another diaper!

3. Big pat on the back for Mike on the flowers!

4. Happy Fri. 13th!

Coach Hays said...

Fact checking would indicate that husband has given wife flowers more than 3 times. Here are the actual historical numbers:
Total flowers given = 63 times
Real flowers = 6 times
Dandelion flowers = 57 times.

Ann said...

Oh my gosh!! I totally don't remember your glasses and hair looking like that when I was in the 8th grade.......but then again I probably never really looked at you, since your belly was so BIG!!! And I sure don't remember you being 27!!! Are you sure?? Man, I'm getting old!!!
What a sweet hubby you got!!!
love ya,

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