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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

I am not sure there any words to go with these pics.....College Girl is the one in the pink. Her very good friend...Almost College Girl is next to her in the denim dress. These girls were so silly when they were together!! I am pretty sure this is the basement of the Methodist Church in 1994 after a Raggedy Ann and Andy Preschool Christmas program. Why did College Girl wear that dress to a Christmas program? Lord knows I am sure I suggested other attire...but who fights over clothes with a 4 year old?

Isn't that a lovely sofa? It was mine for a very loooooong time. It was the greatest sofa to take a nap on....it was just ugly. Don't even ask me what these two are doing.....I couldn't begin to explain them. It's their dad's. Gene pool issues.

Oh....here they are all grown up with one of their favorites! This is why they became friends in the first place....the greatest Day Care in the history of the world. She used to let them do her hair...curlers and everything! And fed them donuts and chocolate milk.

Here is a special one....Almost College Girls 8th grade Promotion in May, 2005. That is Almost College Girls dad. Why do his lips look like that? And what is that smell? And is that Donald Duck? He might be why they act the way they do...........just sayin'.

These two had a thing for matching outfits. Not real sure which mom bought these fleece pullovers...but they were great! And they wore them and wore them--can you say oversize? And College Girl....exactly how many chins do you have?

Again, with the matching outfits!

OK...so I am telling you that these are NOT MY DRESSES!!!! These are Almost College Girls moms. I think the blue one might have been a prom dress....man, I am glad I didn't own anything that looked like this! Wait, that might be a lie....I...um...yeah. It's a lie.

College Girls 5th or 6th birthday. This might have been the happiest she appeared in any photo all day. She hated having birthday parties...in fact, moments before the guests were due to arrive, she laid on the floor bawling and screaming for me to--get this--"Call them all and tell them not to come! I HATE birthday parties!" I just walked away and we had the party. We had about 1 more party after that.....truly. She had a birthday party in 2nd grade and then again when she turned 18!

And these markers...........One Saturday in early May we decided we would get all "pulled" together--remember if College Girl is 6 the Twins are 2--and go into the City to attend church and eat out. So we pull this feat off and we are driving home. AaaHhhh....it's nice and quiet in the car--my first mistake--we are simply driving along. Peacefully. Quiet. But wait...what? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! College Girl has used THESE markers to color all over herself, her sister and because she couldn't reach her brother, she had given him the marker to color on himself. And when I say color, I mean she completely covered her sister. There was absolutely no uncolored place on that child. So like any crazed lunatic sleep deprived mother of 3....I yelled, "GIVE ME THOSE MARKERS RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY!!!" I promptly rolled down my window and tossed all 10 markers in the ditch as we drove by at 65 mph. Almost College Girl hasn't really ever forgiven me.

This is Almost College Girls 4th birthday. And I know this because Almost College Girls mother wrote on the back of the photo--and this photo came with the thank you card she sent. Overachiever. She loved birthday parties...and her mom was good at parties. They were always fun and my kids--all of them--would get to spend the night. She is the bestest friend!!

Heaven only knows what this get up was all about.............notice the shoes............

And did you ever see such lovely brown eyes? Almost College Girl---Nice Smile. College Girl--close your mouth already.

Happy Birthday Almost College Girl....its a big one...and we know we're a little early....Have a Wonderful Day!! We are so proud of you....and we love you tons!

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vickisherbert said...

Wow! I laughed and cried - at the same time! I wish every little girl could grow up with friends like Almost College Girl's. She loved this this morning. BTW - the purple dress on the left was mine. The lovely teal long number belonged to Almost College Girl's Aunt Linda. Not mine. I'm just sayin'.

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind, but you destroy yourself when you are cruel. -Proverbs 11: 17