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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Um....OCD, Maybe?

OK. So I have this thing for....Lysol. I have several cans (4 and 2 spares under the counter) spread throughout my home. I spray it...a lot. Obviously not enough because someone in my family woke up with the stomach flu yesterday. You know what? Whomever introduced the stomach flu to the modern world ought to be shot. I hate the inventor of the stomach flu.

This can is in the downstairs bathroom. Which I cleaned yesterday and sprayed with Lysol every time I walked by the room. Which was a lot because it is next to my laundry "area" and I did 10 loads of laundry yesterday. Don't worry I have at least 10 more to do today. BTW---this kind smells really good. Like a spring waterfall. AaaHaaa. Makes me feel like I am in that Paradise called Mexico. Which I know some of my "favorite" regular readers are going to Paradise soon. Take some Lysol there might be germs there.

This can is just hanging out in the laundry "area" of the basement. I sprayed it as I was cleaning bedrooms in the basement. Hence, the 10 loads of laundry yesterday. Who bought these teenage girls all these clothes? And why do we have so many dang blankets? Geez, we could provide clothes and blankets for a small, third world country.

This can hangs out in the upstairs bathroom. Look! There I am...in the mirror (got my hair cut this week...done with grown up hair....returned to the back end of a chicken look! Yes! I love it!). I cleaned this room yesterday, also. And I sprayed and sprayed this can. I even carried it around the house sprayingsprayingspraying several (like 10) times. At one point Big Guy looked at our people and said, "Well, if the stomach flu doesn't kill you, then Lysol poisoning will." HaHa....very funny. Do some laundry already, will ya?

You know how I like to blame some of my quirkier habits on my Grandma? This is not her fault. She liked those fruity air fresheners--you know the ones that are made of that gel like substance and you twist up the top....she liked those. You know the smell...WalMart bathroom smell. Mmmmm....ick. Not so much.

This Lysol thing....well, it's....my mom. She always sprayed it. She still does. The people in her office appreciate her diligent war against germs. And so do I. She used to pack it in her suitcase when we traveled. And she would spray down the hotel room. OK OK... I only remember her doing this once...but isn't it a great idea? Man, my mom is smart. Must be where I get my smarts.

OK...this can is...well....on top of the refrigerator. Did you know that if you have a small kitchen fire it causes a lot of smoke? And that Lysol will cut that smoke right out? Did you? Did you? Or if by chance you...say...accidentally burn something like popcorn or get a pan little too hot before you put the sausages on and smoke the place out....that Lysol will get rid of that smell lickety-split? Good information to have if this ever happens to you.

Excuse me while I continue on my mission to rid my house of smoke...um I mean, germs.

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Kate and Dana said...

Too funny! Guess what? My mother is also a "Lysol Queen" and guess who she passed this obsessive trait on too? Yep, you know it! ME!!! I too love the fresh cotton scent that you have on top of your fridge. Go Lysol!!!

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