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Friday, November 19, 2010

Food on Friday

So this recipe came to me in my daily email from www.allrecipes.com.  I sometimes read them and sometimes the name of the recipe tells me that there isn't a chance in heck of ever using that recipe. 

This recipe peaked my interest because my son really enjoys Mexican food but guess what?  Corn tortilla and corn tortilla chips aren't on his plate at this point.  The doctor tells us that once we get his environmental allergies under control, then he may be able to add corn back to his diet.  Did you know that corn is related to grasses?  And cantaloupe is related to ragweed?  Learn something new everyday, I'm tellin' ya. 

This recipe can be found here....http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Fry-Bread-Tacos-II/Detail.aspx?prop31=5.  These fry bread tacos are wonderful and were surprisingly easy to make. 

Several of my breads got all puffy like a puffer fish, so this girl opened them up and stuffed the filling inside. 

I must confess that I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  I already had taco meat from another meal.  I also had made refried beans earlier in the week so we just piled ours high with the toppings and ate them.  One tip, get the oil hot.  And keep it hot.  The fry breads weren't greasy at all because the oil so hot and stayed hot.  I used my candy thermometer to monitor the temp.  It was HOT.  I kept it at 365 degrees or a little hotter the whole time.  It took some serious patience to let it get that hot, but I think that the temp of the oil made all the difference.

And they were good.  Just sayin'.


Geiger Family said...

We've had these on an Indian reservation in the Badlands before - I had always called them Indian tacos. You're right - they are wonderful!!!

Mary said...

Wait...you can get daily e-mails from allrecipes? I had no idea! Also...how weird is it that cantelope is related to ragweed?

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