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Friday, April 10, 2009

Gorgeous Women

This is a collage I put together here. It is a 4 generation Senior Picture Collage. Aren't they gorgeous? Oh wait, one of them is me........and my hair is pretty darn good this time. It's that bigass bow that makes my Little Lovelies go into hysterics. But still, aren't we gorgeous? Some things never change.

My grandma graduated from Haven High School in 1941. My mom from Hutchinson High School in 1965, and I graduated from the same fine institution in 1985. And College Girl graduated from Clay Center Community High School in 2008.

I wish my grandma had been here to see College Girl graduate from CCCHS.

I recently emailed this collage to my mom who then forwarded it to my uncles. One of them sent a message back..."WOW! The world is a much better place with women like this." He is a smart man. Gotta love a smart man.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I thought this would be a lovely birthday gift for my mom. I sent the picture to a large chain store that shall-remain-nameless-but-pisses-me-off-on-a-regular-basis to be printed at their one hour photo service. Perfect! And cheap--like less than $3 for an 8x10. WooHoo! I clicked send and hopped in the shower.

There were a buttload of people in the parking lot....but oh, well. I haul myself right on back to the photo counter, tell the lovely clerk my name, that I have online oversize one hour prints and wait. Suddenly, she becomes a real sourpuss with an INCREDIBLE attitude.....

She says, "Are these photos professionally done?"

"Um, yes?"

Then, again with attitude, "Do you have the photographers release with you that allows these photos to be reprinted?"

"UMMMMM, What?"

More attitude. "The photographer must sign a release in order for you to reprint these photos."

Hhheeellllllooooo. "Well, I am fairly sure that since this picture was taken in 1941, it's going to be nearly impossible to obtain any kind of permission from this photographer. And this one, taken in 1965--same story. The 1985 picture--same story. So?"

More BIG attitude. "I cannot let you have this picture if you do not have a release today."

Duh. "From DEAD people? How will that work?"

I could have gone on all day...but long story short.....I came home without that picture. It was printed and ready to go. It was gorgeous...much like the women in the picture. So I couldn't just let it go. I then said--

"How was I supposed to know that? Is it somewhere on your large chain store that shall-remain-nameless-but-pisses-me-off-on-a-regular-basis website? "

Less attitude, but just enough. "Why yes. I am not exactly sure where BUT it is there."

Enough already. Just let me purchase the other two collages that I printed and be done. It gets better. See that awesome collage of my Little Lovelies at the top of my blog page? That is what I had ordered. 2 copies. One for each grandma.

Attitude. "Is this also a professionally taken photo?" What a compliment! I took that on the fly one Sunday after church...heehee.

"Nope. I took it." I pull my camera out of my purse and say, "It's right here on my camera. Would you like to see it?" She declined and took my money.

When I arrived home from large chain store that shall-remain-nameless-but-pisses-me-off-on-a-regular-basis, I went straight to the website. Sure enough, I looked and looked. Bottom right hand corner--at the very bottom mind you--are the words 'copyright policy'.

It was my bad...peeved my butt....I didn't even think about the fact that there would be a copyright on those photos. Duh.

Still, did she have to act like I was sooooooo stupid?


Ann said...

If I worked there I would have just sold it to you because #1- It's a really neat picture and a great way to showcase you beautiful women...#2- Everyone know not to piss off Mrs. H!!!!:-)

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vickisherbert said...

They did the same thing for me with a collage that I made for Brett. The ones that said had a photographer's stamp of a photographer whose shutter had clicked for the last time. No matter. I don't know what angers me more - the fact that they do stuff like that or the fact the I keep going back for more.......argh!

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