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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Favorite Food Group

My favorite food group is warm starch with melted dairy...........I am sure there are a number of you who can relate to this favorite. This is the recipe for "Mother Hays' Potato Soup". Mmmmm.........soooooooo good.

First you need potatoes...I used 8 pretty good sized potatoes. 1 stick of butter. I use real butter for EVERYTHING. My secret is out....that is how my butt got and stays this big. A quart of whole milk and 16-32 ounces of Velveeta. Which brings up the age old conversation....Is Velveeta real cheese?

Peel the potatoes and rinse them. Although I like this soup with the peels on, it seems my lovely husband feels like he is eating dirt when the peels are left on. So peel'em I do.

These two pics are mixed up....and I am tired of trying to figure out how to switch them....there has got to be an easier way Blogger!.....Anyway, dice them into sort of large pieces, add some pepper and fake onion if you are in a hurry or real if you are not. Cover with water....just enough but not too much. Bring to a boil.

This is the part of the recipe that I get from my Grandma Hillbilly. Dumplings. It takes about 1 and 1/2 cups of flour, 2 eggs and some salt.

Break your eggs into the bowl, shake some salt into the bowl. How much? Oh, just some salt.

Beat your eggs and salt well. Add your flour and mix. Dumpling batter should be wettish. Sometimes I get too much flour and I have to add another egg. Oh well...that's just more dumplings.

It will be chunky. That's how you want it

While you are putting your dumplings together, your potatoes should begin to boil. This is when you add your dumplings a forkful at a time. It isn't exact science....just add them. They will kind of plop in and then float to the top of your potatoes. This happens fast...don't step away from the stove....or you might end up with wallpaper paste. Just sayin'. It can happen.

Give your dumplings some float time. How long? Um...now! Add your milk slowly....stirringstirringstirring.
Turn the heat down on your stove....it can burn quicker than you can say lickety split. And leave your burner low....it can burn. Just sayin'.

Add your stick of butter.

Now comes the fun part. Veleveeta. It's not the easiest thing to work with. Oh well, some things are worth it. I just cut a chunk off and then cube it. Sometimes I use 16 ounces and sometimes I use 32 ounces. Yep, that's the whole package. I did that this time and the results were lovely.

Keep your burner low and stirstirstir. Have I mentioned it can burn? Let it sit for around 10-15 minutes after you get your Velveeta melted. Stirring every so often.

Again, my favorite food group is warm starch with melted dairy so I serve this with shredded cheese. Sometimes I have homemade rolls with it and sometimes crackers with butter. This particular pot of potato soup was quite possibly the best I have ever made.

Wish you coulda been here.............


Julie Hamel said...

I wish I coulda been there...just saying!

Jolie said...

wait - are those cinnamon rolls I see in the background of the potato picture? Can I come to your house for weekend meals?

I cringe watching that stick of butter going in to the pot, but I bet it was TASSSTY!

Carpenter's said...

WoW! This looks fantastic I am going to have to try this.

I also am a blog follower on Bring on the Rain. Small world.

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