We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature--trees, flowers, grass--grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...We need silence to be able to touch souls. --Mother Teresa

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Things I Know For Sure

1.  My niece turned 21 yesterday.  Completely amazing.  That means that six weeks from now, my favorite oldest child will be 20.  Oh my.

2.  Spring break is in 12 days.  Count'em 12 DAYS.  I have never been so ready for spring break in my life.

3.  My school kids begin state ASSessments this week.  Just a few and then whole group takes them the next week.  Please pray for us.  This is really stressful when you are 9 years old.  And 43.

4.  12 days until we 'spring' forward.

5.  How about those Wildcats?

6.  I saw the tips of plants coming up out of the ground.  Does that mean....dare I hope for, gasp, spring?

7.  The Bachelor.  Really?

8.  Can we stop with snow already?

9.  A friend of mine is on a cruise.  I hate her.  Not really.  But you know what I mean. 

10.  What can I say?  I simply couldn't resist.....
I hope she is getting paid to wear this poodle.  Just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

Love this post! Ah, your babies are growing up! Go CATS!! (And yes, spring break is very anticipated in this house, too!)

Mike Hays said...

#6 Oh yes, dear wife, the wild onions, better known as the Weed from Hell. I would try again to kill them, but since we always get compliments on our beautiful green lawn ("and so early in March!") from the elderly ladies who walk by our house, I will leave them be. I wonder if there is a market for Hell Weeds some where in the -izakastans...

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind, but you destroy yourself when you are cruel. -Proverbs 11: 17