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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Gifts 2010

Graduation.  It's emotional.  It's tougher than anyone can tell you.  And then you have to buy gifts.  Over the years I have given many different things. 

There was the year of the atlas.  That was 10 years ago.  No need for paper maps these days, eh?

There was the year of the towels.  Embroidered with the first name of the graduate and the color of the college they planned to attend.   Pretty impressive, right? 

There was the year of the 17 invites.  What do you get 17 kids for a reasonable amount of money?  17 sets of towels?  Nope.  Pewter key chains with a bible verse on them?  Yep.  At the time it seemed like a good idea.  Now?  Lame with a capital L. 

There were the years of the flashlight.  We actually did that for girls and guys.  Everybody needs a flashlight.  It is amazing how handy a flashlight is in the dorms, cars and well, just everywhere. 

Then there was the year of the nail clippers, tweezers, band-aids, ibuprofen, thermometer and thread kit.  This was the year that College Girl graduated and we had several invites.  Someone tipped me to this gift because she had taken her son to college and realized that he had NONE of these things. 

This year? 

9 sets of them to be exact.   I was set on buying towels this year.  I think that is the best gift College Girl received when she graduated from high school.  She pointed out that no matter where you go or where you live, you're going to need towels. 

That girl is smart practical like that.  Must get it from her mother. 

When I went to purchase the towels, I decided that I would just get them all alike.  Coach didn't think that boys would need a hand towel or a wash cloth.  He thought I should just get them 2 towels and not white.  No white towels for boys.  I didn't ask him why he thought that and I didn't take his advice.  Sorry guys.  I got everyone the exact same towels. 

That is my wrap job on the girls towels.  I actually put the boys towels in bags.  Coach put his foot down at ribbon for boys.   

As we arrived at the first reception of the season, I realized that 2 of my invites are going to be roommates.  Guess they have a set of matching towels.  Just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

Smart gift idea!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great idea...loved your randoms...I am a big fan of RANDOM...
...A sleepless night so doing a little blog hopping....

I have a Disney Giveaway on my main blog...Hope you will stop by.


Mary said...

I used to give towels...now...just money! Middle son has only received money, but I'm being smart this time (isn't it funny how we get smarter as we get older?): I'm keeping his money in a safe place so HE can buy what he needs for college! Oldest son went through his money, so when it came time to buy things for college, guess who paid?

Carpenter's said...

Oh I really like the idea of flashlights. I am going to remember that next year! Towels are perfect too. Nice wrap job!

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