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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week at a Glance....

*There are 14 more get-ups and the school year ends.  I still have some important stuff to impart to their little minds.  I better get on it.

*My good friend, LB and her family own the local greenhouse.  It is a wonderful little place to spend some time in the spring browsing (and purchasing) beautiful flowers.  Desperate for seasonal help, LB enlisted in my assistance for a couple of weeks.  What little I know about flowers involves killing them.  See, I told you LB was desperate.  I am not giving up my day job just yet .

*And do you know how much a hanging basket of just watered geraniums weigh?  A basket that must be lifted above my head to hang?   More than a dang third grader that's for sure.

*Home track meet this week. YES!!  That means no traveling out of town or waiting for the bus to arrive after dark.  

*Our high school's big variety show is on Thursday and Friday nights this week.  Practice on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Frack is in robed choir so he is involved in the show.  This is always fun for the kids and a good laugh for the audience.  This years emcee's could be very interesting.....show stopping, even.

*Swim team sign up on Wednesday  night.  Thus begins year 2 of my no longer on the board involvement in swim team.  Some one at my house has swam every year since 1996.  Many of those years were spent as the team treasurer.  I am very glad that it is someone other than me who is doing that job.  Frack is an assistant coach this year so he must be at the meeting on Wednesday night.  Frick is still out on whether she will be returning to the team this summer.

*Menu plan:  I got one!!  It has been weeks since I have had a real menu plan.  Here it is:  chicken salad.

I pulled already cooked chicken from the freezer and made it into chicken salad.  So that's my plan.  Chicken salad.  And, yes.  That is an 8 cup container.I bought chips and cheap white bread.  We have 2+ boxes of saltines.  And we're having chicken salad.  I predict that by Friday, we'll all be begging for Mexican.

No promises on posting this week.  Just sayin'.


Mary said...

We only have 2 more Mondays here until school is out! YEAH!
The chicken salad looks really, really good!

Kim said...

Wish my hubby liked chicken salad. It looks good. Sounds like a busy week. Have a good one!

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