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Sunday, June 13, 2010

12 Books.

 Yep.  I have been MIA.  I have continued to work at the greenhouse.  I thought that I would be done at the end of May.  Not so much.  Maybe the end of June?  I have no idea. 

But I do know this:  I have a new appreciation for people who work outside all day every day.  Talk about a butt kicker.  I have been virtually worthless when I arrive home each night.  And I am only working around 6 hours or so a day. 

And one would think that with all that sweating, I would have lost vast amounts of weight.  Not so much. 

I will catch up my blogging....I will catch up my blogging....I will.  

12 books. 

I do love books.  I have always loved books.  When I was a kid, I would ride my bike to the public library to check out books.  My dream punishment was to be sent to my room.  Then I could read and read some more.

I can remember when the twins were little and College Girl was 4 years older, my dream day included a book and a bag of white donuts.  At the stage of 2 two-year-olds and a 6-year-old....that's all I was living for--books and donuts.

It's still my dream day.  Really.

I come from a long line of readers.....my mom is an avid reader, my grandma was an avid reader, and my great-grandmothers were readers.  I don't remember that my great-grandmothers read books so much as patterns, cookbooks and maybe magazines.  At family gatherings, my Aunt Genevieve, my mom and grandma always swapped recipes. And talked patterns and sewing.  I loved that kitchen talk.

The books I am going to share aren't in any order.  Truly, they are just random books that I like and maybe you will find something you can enjoy as much as I did.

1.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett--this book is a definite must read.  I am still thinking about the way we treat others and actions speak so much louder than words.  And I laugh every time I see a chocolate pie recipe. 

2.  To Kill a Mockingbird--this is my favorite book of all time.  I love the writing, the history and the characters.  Sometimes Scout is my favorite and sometimes Atticus is my favorite.  And then there's Boo Radley.  And Jem.  Harper Lee is a completely amazing author--this is the only book she ever published.  And yes, I have read it several times.  It's interesting because this was not a book I was exposed to as a student.  I actually taught this book one year when I taught middle school.  Why?  I had enough copies of this book that everybody could have their own.  I learned a lot that semester.

3.  An Untamed Land--by Lauraine Snelling.  Wonderful series--historical fiction based on a family that travels from Norway to the Dakota territory.  Amazing people.  Ingeborg is a character I can spend a lot of time getting to know. 

4.  Her Mother's Hope--by Francine Rivers.  I was recently introduced to this author and I think I will be checking her out again.  Historical fiction.  I kinda like historical fiction.  Betcha haven't noticed.

5.  The Elm Creek Quilters Series--by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I think there are 12 plus books in this series.  Plus pattern books and all kinds of quilting history.  The last one I read, The Lost Quilter, takes place in the deep south during the 1860's.  It starts in modern day at the Elm Creek Manor but goes way back and gives some interesting history on slavery.  

6.  The Geometry of Sisters--by Luanne Rice.  This is another good read.  Luanne Rice is an interesting author.  There is usually some supernatural element in her story.  This book takes place at a prep school in Rhode Island and once again, she does not disappoint.  And this is a quick read.  I think I read it in a day. 

7.  American Wife--by Curtis Sittenfield.  I wasn't real sure about this book when I started, but I was sure sad when it ended.  I enjoyed the writing and the whole 'presidential family' thing.  Plus, SUPPOSEDLY it is loosely based on Laura and George Bush.  Either way, it's a good book. 

8.  Sarah's Key--by Tatiana Rosnay.  Isn't that the coolest name?  And this is an interesting book.  Takes place in Paris, 1942.  The main character is a 10-year-old girl who is taken during the Vel d'Hiv' roundup, and locks her little brother in a cupboard thinking she will be back in a few hours.  Not so much.  Emotional story.

9.  While My Sister Sleeps--by Barbara DelinskyFastfastfast read.  It takes place in 7 days--a marathon runner has a heart attack and falls into a coma.  Her sister is left to make decisions and pick up the pieces. 

10.  Water for Elephants--by Sarah Guern.  The things I learned about the circus.  Completely amazing.  I couldn't stop reading.  But the ending?  Not at all what I expected.

11.  The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes--by Diane Chamberlin.  I picked this up at Target one day just because I was browsing the books and couldn't leave it there.  No expectations and I was drawn into the story instantly.  Completely and totally.  Anyone I have passed it on to says the same thing when they return the book. 

12.  Jeffrey Archer--OK.  So this isn't a book.  It's an author.  I couldn't choose just one....he has so many good books.  I have never read a mediocre book by Jeffrey Archer.  He is a very talented writer.  And he is good for rereads--if you do that kind of thing.   Just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

I've wondered where you've been. This explains a lot! (This heat and humidity--no wonder it is kicking your butt!) Oh, and like my summer reading list isn't long enough! : ) (I always love new titles and authors to try!)

Joyce said...

I am a book junkie so it was fun to read your list..I've read most on your list. I loved Sarah's Key...I had never heard that particular slice of history.

I have American Wife on my list too...off to the library today so thanks for the tips!

Kim said...

Glad to know you're OK! Thanks for the book ideas. I've read a lot of them, too, but I'll look for the ones I haven't. I always like getting recommendations from other dedicated bookworms! Take care in the heat and humidity!

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