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Friday, December 10, 2010

Food on Friday

My friend Cindy and I share recess duty.  Daily recess duty.  I know everyone thinks that teachers stand around during recess duty talking about....well, recipes.  Isn't that what everyone does during recess duty?  Talk about what we're having for dinner and how to make it? 

You know how my favorite third child...
 .....has an unnatural love for cabbage but hates meatballs? Well, Cindy has been telling me for awhile about how she makes bierock filling with sausage instead of beef and then serves it over rice.  No kidding.

So I made it.  And guess what?  My favorite third child didn't really like it.  She doesn't really like sausage unless it's in gravy.  Did I  mention that she puts gravy in a bowl like it's soup and eats it?  Really.  Seriously. 

The rest of us did like it, though.

I put mine on my plate like this.....and then added some pepper jack cheese and a tortilla.

 My favorite third child put ranch dressing on hers....

 My husband made his like this.....

I have no idea why I don't have pictures of my favorite sons plate.  Probably because food doesn't last very long on his plate so I don't have any photo ops. 

This is a very versatile recipe.  I probably won't make it with sausage again.  Sausage and cabbage were a little rough on my delicate stomach.  I really liked it with the rice and pepper jack cheese.  I know that by putting it in a tortilla was a double starch and then adding tater tots was another but you know what?  Warm starch with melted dairy will make anything better. 

Here's the basic recipe......brown one pound of sausage and onion.  How much onion?  As much as your people like.  Cut up a head of cabbage.  Place cabbage on top of browned sausage/onion and put the lid on the skillet.  Let it steam to your preference.  We like it a little bit crunchy.  Meanwhile, make your rice.  We make old fashioned rice.  Warm tortillas, shred cheese and make some sort of side dish.  Viola!  You've got dinner!  Just sayin'.




Kim said...

If you have to do recess duty EVERY DAY, you should get something good like recipes out of it (in my humble opinion). I think they take turns around these parts.

Mary said...

EVERYTHING tastes better with Ranch! :D

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