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Friday, December 17, 2010

Food on Friday

Try to be surprised.  Food on Friday revolves around My Favorite Third Child, AGAIN this week.  Suddenly, we've become all about her.  This has to stop.  She's really not all that and a bag of chips, but the rest of us will eat anything.

Last spring sometime, she was watching some Disney show (blech) and saw this:

Yep.  It's what you think it is.  Spaghetti tacos.  (And look, there's someones gross ABC gum....so sorry.)   So we laughed at her and said that spaghetti tacos were dumb.  But she was persistent (as always) and kept at us.  So finally one night we pulled taco shells out and had them with spaghetti. 

Turns out the girl was spot on with this meal.  Spaghetti tacos are very good.  Don't ask me why, how, what, or who thought this up, but it really is good.  That crunchy corn flavor goes wonderfully with the spaghetti flavor. 

She had a little dinner party and served them to her friends.  They gave her the business until they'd eaten them and then they were amazed. 

So here's the basics....make spaghetti.  Warm up taco shells.  I put my cheese in the shell and then add the spaghetti and maybe a little more cheese.  Eat like a taco.  Throw a salad together and some fruit and you've got a meal.  Just sayin'.


michelledunn said...

Petty sure the show was icarly! Heard them talking about spaghetti tacos the other day when Rylee was watching it.

Hays Family 5 said...
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Lisa said...

Thanks to you, spaghetti tacos are now a staple at our house. I have to admit I was a skeptic at first, but they really are good! Also, love the flannel pillow case. Your name should be Martha Stewart! :) Thanks for feeding my daughter!

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