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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Candy for 250 trick-or-treaters....Check.
Camera charged and ready to go....Check.
Yard mowed and mulched....Check.
Dinner in crock pot....Check.
Silly string...no check.

5:30 rolls around and slowly the trick-or-treaters begin to roll in....

This scary old lady was about 3 foot tall and sported a cane....this was one great costume.

And this was one torked little girl. Whose sister wouldn't look at me when I was trying to take a picture...so all I have is the backside of snow white....

Her brother wasn't much happier....probably because his dad was wearing a really stupid shirt.

This was the cutest little costume with the

greatest shoes. I wish they made shoes like this in my size. Everyone should own shoes like this....the world would be a happier place if feet always sparkled like this....

Darth Vader. Who was a lot happier when he got to my house....because his costume got left at school and I rescued it for him. He better never be naughty in my room again....

Aaahhh....My favorite witch and a very sweet little girl. I mean my favorite good witch and a very sweet big girl.....

My other favorite witch didn't think that this was so fun...plus her mom and dad kept telling her she couldn't eat all that candy. I finally traded out the things she couldn't eat for things from my bowls that she could eat. Oh yeah, for stuff her mom liked, too. Her mom was very appreciative!

Cousins. No smiles. Almost looks of fear. It is a little overwhelming to come to our street on Halloween. LOTS AND LOTS of kids, cars and action. We had a new record....261 trick-or-treaters.

My favorite Transformer.

4 boys+silly string=Me coveredcoveredcovered in silly string.....boys, boys, boys.....paybacks are sure to follow. I couldn't even get to the 1 can of silly string I could buy in town. They snuck up on me when I was alone on porch. It was a full frontal assault mission and then they ran. Silly string was everywhere--my hair may never be the same.

Poodle skirt on one cute little girl.....

The Devil wears Prada. Someday. This was perfect costume for a very sweet girl...I think she might have borrowed it from her brother....

Trick-or-treat....OK NOW! 13 cans of silly string hammered upon us! It was totally unexpected and came outta nowhere....and silly string was EVERYWHERE. Do you see that really big girl in the background? What does she think she's doing? The one with the purple and white? Really. Sisterfriend....you better watch it. The darling little fairy on the far right found it hilarious that she got the Dad. Game on, Moms and Dads. Game on.

Ooohhh. Sisterfriend. Is that silly string I see in your hand? Look poor Spiderman didn't even get to have any fun because his mom stole his can. Poorpoorpoor Spiderman. And Hanna Montana....her mom might have been behind all this....oh my.

These smiles are priceless. Have you ever seen happier kids on Halloween?

We had a great time last night and look forward to many more. We did miss having the whole family home for Halloween, but that's how it goes. The weather was perfect and we saw lots of people. The kids that came were darling and all said thank you when they left. Lots of parents out and about enjoying the evening with their kids...and that always does my heart good. Even when it's covered in silly string....Just sayin'.

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Ann said...

What a fun night!! Next year we might just park it at your house and let Mr. Dylan hand out candy. He really enjoyed that. I think you need a picture of the cicle and square pulled out of retirement!! They were so cute!!!

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