We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature--trees, flowers, grass--grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...We need silence to be able to touch souls. --Mother Teresa

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Show Up, Step Up and Step Out

Oh. My. Goodness.  Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto gave the homily at last night's mass for 20,000+ youth at the closing night of NCYC.  We could view the live stream and caught most of his homily.  Coach took some notes...and suffice it to say, Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto caught our attention and we hope he caught the attention of our kids.

He provided a copy of his homily and it has been reprinted here.  Take the time to read it. 

Really.  Just sayin'.

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