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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CG's Apartment

Yesterday was moving day One. We moved our first load of CG's stuff to Apartment One. Her dad is praying this is the only place she lives for the rest of college. Wishful thinking on his part.

As these things go....it wasn't too bad. No real issues...a few things that were kind of odd but since I had the Dad with us....and I sent him to handle it....it got done.

Like they didn't have key ready for CG. Hhhhmmm?? Knew we were arriving yesterday and no key? Bonus for us because we got to see them actually change the locks and hand the key to us. So that worked out.

The Dad demonstrating how to close the curtains. He makes an excellent model for curtain closing. I think.

Why? What? Who knows....CG and her dad aren't real well behaved at any given time....and after 2 hours of traveling and then carrying stuff up 3 flights....well, they weren't as funny as they thought they were. I have a lot of pictures of my backside. My people think it's hilarious to take pics of my backside. Love them. Lots.

And I was on the phone (twice) with Westar because CG was given the wrong address for her apartment...TWICE....and so her electricity was on but not in her name. Oh my.

The bathroom. According to an unnamedpersonwhohassharedabathroomwithCG all summer.....this is the only time the BR will be clean.

A closet.

The kitchen. Pretty self explanatory.

Lucky number 13. This made it all ok. (Find out why here) And as apartments in college towns go, this one isn't too bad. She did ok. But I think I know how my mom felt 23 years ago when she dropped me at this same apartment complex.

Just sayin'.


The Rankins said...

This is great to see! I definitely don't miss college apartments but will keep my fingers crossed that she won't have to move again! Who knows, Kara and I lived in the same apartment all through college so it could happen!

Ian said...

Marah will love that apartment. I lived in worse ones just up the road. She could have done much worse.

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