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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Homemade Lotion

The ingredients.....2 bottles of ON BRAND baby lotion....any flavor. I happen to like this shea and cocoa butter flavor a lot. 1 jar of petroleum jelly...off brand is good. 2 jars of vitamin e cream....our local Dollar General sells this for $3.75. And containers to put the lotion in when it is all mixed up. I usually need 10 so I buy 8 and recycle the vitamin e cream containers.

Put the petroleum jelly in first. I use a rubber spatula to get it all out of the container.

Next, add the vitamin e cream.

Finally, empty the lotion bottles into the bowl. Turn them upside down on the counter and let them sit while you begin to mix.

Add more lotion. Some people cut open the bottles to get all the lotion out....I don't. I tried to cut the bottles open but due to my lack of super human strength...um well, it was just doesn't work out for me.

Keep mixing. It is a little lumpy due to the petroleum jelly so just keep mixing. I use my whisk attachment to mix this lotion up. And I turn my mixer up pretty high....I don't get to turn it up high very often because it makes a mess when I do but this doesn't splatter. It's fun. Try it.

The lotion should look like frosting when its done.

I line my containers up to fill them. I use my rubber spatula and just kind of spoon it in. Fullish but not.

It looks good...don't you think?

My mom has people in her office that I make this for....they love it. Really, I think they just like me best so it doesn't matter what I make. My husband uses this on his hands because he wears latex gloves all day and they irritate his skin. I use this on my feet....and if you have ever seen my feet you know they look good.

This lotion makes great gifts....and really, it's pretty affordable. The on brand lotion costs $3.75 a bottle, the vitamin e cream is $3.75 and the petroleum jelly is $2. The containers are probably more expensive--$3 for 4-- than they need to be but I really like them because of the lid--it screws on. I have used smaller containers when I need to give more gifts...like at Christmas.

So for a batch of lotion it is around $20. If you divide that by 10--which is how many containers I filled--then it is only $2 a container. Not bad. And people love getting homemade gifts!

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