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Monday, March 16, 2009


It's Broken!

But now it's fixed. Hmpf.

Last Wednesday the heating element caught on fire....it's a pretty cool fire....and we had to make half-cooked frozen pizza in the toaster oven. I passed on that meal....and had a grilled cheese.

Ran into my favorite electrician's wife at the grocery store ( I was buying fried chicken from the deli for a potluck--NO OVEN--had to buy already made food--don't judge me!) and mentioned that my 1954 pink oven had a little problem and she generously sent her husband to fix it on Friday. Parts had to be ordered.

So no oven over the weekend. No dinner in the oven for after church. No cookies. Dang! It sucks to be me.

Forced to have food on the grill for Sunday dinner--which means somebody else cooks it because I stink at grill cooking. Dog doesn't even want to eat it. I was also forced to eat Girl Scout cookies from the freezer.

My favorite electrician showed up today and in 5 minutes I had a working 1954 oven.

He didn't clean the oven and he didn't leave a bill. He'll mail me a bill.

I am sure it will be less than what a 2009 oven costs. Lucky me.


katehenry said...

I love that oven! Just think, if it ever breaks for good, it is pretty unique. Maybe a museum will want it! :-)

Sometimes I just look at your page so I can hear your song and remind myself that it's not that hard!

Did you have a good trip the The Dotte?

Have a good day!

Julie Hamel said...

One of these days that 1954 Pink Oven is going to be gone forever, and then you'll miss it! I know....you are WAITING for that day!

vickisherbert said...

Wow. A really close call. Dang it.

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