We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature--trees, flowers, grass--grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...We need silence to be able to touch souls. --Mother Teresa

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Dozen

1. Ever had any run-ins with the "library police?"
Police?  At the library?  Nope.  Never.  Fashion police?  Now that's another story....

2. Do you have a special organizational plan and place for wrapping paper, gift bags, etc., or do you just purchase whatever you need as you give gifts?
Imagine 18 year old boys (former linemen) after Graduation Mass holding Victoria's Secret bags with a lovely gift inside.  Recycle, regift, and reuse what you have is the name of my game.   

3. Have you ever been in (first-hand witness) a natural disaster?
Do my childrens' rooms count?  

4. What's your favorite Barry Manilow song?
Music and fashion were always the passion at the Copa.......they fell in love....his name was Rico...he wore a diamond....

5. What's the best costume you've ever worn?
The one year I was in ballet before they kicked me out due to height restrictions, I was a grasshopper.  It was the most beautiful costume.  I lovedlovedloved it.  I felt so, well, green.

6. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?
Thesaurus.  I love words.

7. What's your favorite breakfast food?
Breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins and fruit.  Oh, and coffee.  I love coffee.  

8. Have you ever purchased anything from an infomercial?
I can only dream of ShamWow's and how fabulous I will look when I complete 60 days of P90x.....

9. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Have you seen the size of my butt?  Not to mention the height advantage I suffer from......

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yep. Yep and Yep.  You know like how I loved chocolate at first site, and french fries at first site.  And oh, how I loved Mike Hays at first site.  

11. How man pairs of jeans do you own?
3. BUT I can only wear 1 and half pairs.  

12. If someone were going to bake a cake to honor/represent you, what would it be? (Think creatively, like Duff and Crew on "Ace of Cakes.")

Think of her as my twin.  Identical twin.  Just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

I KNEW you were green at heart!!

And Wonder Woman is such a good choice!!

Mary said...

Loved your answers! #2 made me laugh!

Janera Jepson said...

Hi Kelli-

I've enjoyed reading your responses to Random Dozen. It's a terrific meme. I've always liked a good meme and now I have started my own. We just started a new meme called "Wednesday Wickedness" and will post on Tuesday afternoons. You are welcome to do it on Tuesdays, if you do only one meme a day! We are up and posted now. Each week we pick a famous person and find 10 quotes. Then each question is based on the quotes! This week is George Clooney. Check us out at http://jjatww.blogspot.com.


Ian said...

Mrs hays, ShamWow's are veryveryvery overrated. They suck. And P90X is something Coach should have from us lovely Lane's.

Joyce said...

I always love reading your answers...Wonder Woman! Wish I'd thought of that one : )

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