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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Turns Out It's Only Thursday

When I woke up Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday.  I tried to send my school kids to art.  Duh.  It was music and PE day.  When I woke up Wednesday, I thought it can't possibly only be Wednesday.  This morning at 5:29, it was only Thursday.  It has been a really long week for me. 

Sunday when I woke up the roof of my mouth was covered in blisters.  On Monday, there were more.  By Tuesday they had popped and my mouth was raw.  Oh, and it hurts.  On Wednesday, I could feel something between my 2 molars and when I flossed them, I popped a festering pustule of pus.  Grossout, but it was pretty cool.  Today, my tongue looks like it has a rash on it.  Because I have been to medical school, I have used my vast resources and I have a diagnosis.  I think I must have hoof and mouth disease due to the amount of times I have stuck my foot in my mouth in the past 7 days.  Yep.  Pretty sure that's what it is.

Turns out that the cool Easter photos I thought were so cool, weren't so cool.  It seems as though I have a lot of shots of this:

And this:

Those dang girls!  I hate when they act like their Granny's fourth child....

And this:

And this....Look how nice my sister-in-law is sitting.  Doesn't she look lovely?  She is ignoring me.  Are you seeing a trend here?  No.  Really. 

This year Granny bought an Easter pinata for the 4 youngest grandchildren.  I must say that I would not want to get in the way of our youngest niece and a bat.  Suffice it to say that girl has power in those guns.

I did get some sweet shots....of Granny and her Girls....

My girls with my almost-to-graduate-college niece...

Granny cheated and bought already filled eggs for the egg hunt.  The winner, it turns out, wasn't really the winner and had to forfeit his winnings to his girl cousin.  He's a schister.  I believe he might act like Granny's fifth child.  (shown here--but only half of him)

We had a wonderful visit with all that could make it.  We missed the Texas Hays Crew and the St. Louis Hays Crew but thought of them, wishing they were there.  Food was stellar, as usual and the weather was perfect.  Who could ask for anything more?

As we headed home, it began to rain.  We drove out of it quickly but drove into this:

Yep.  Epic traffic jam.  Stopped for long periods of time.  Notice the smog hanging over the area?  We traveled in this for what seemed like an eternity, but was really about 10 miles.  It did take 45 minutes to travel that 10 miles. Then when we got to the toll booth, epic traffic jam again.  It took about 10 minutes to travel through the toll booth.  We could have zipped right through with our electronic tag, but we had given it to College Girl.  You are welcome, College Girl.

We still aren't sure what happened--if there was an accident or what--but I can tell you this:

I know why I live where I do.  Just sayin'.


Mary said...

Hoof & Mouth...OUCH! At least it didn't go down your throat! We had that when Oldest Son was a baby...not fun! I can relate to doing a schedule on a different day; I get a real funny feeling when I walk into a teacher's classroom to get a child, just to realize it's the wrong time! Or, when I get a group, sit them down in my room, then realize it's the wrong time! You have beautiful daughters! Looks like y'all had a good time!

Mrs. E said...

Your poor mouth!! Yikes! Wasn't that Easter weather just the best! Love the picture of your mom and girls!

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