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Friday, July 31, 2009

Food On Friday...Finally

My husband and his children have been dying to make homemade tortillas. Today during a weak moment at the store I gave in....and we purchased corn tortilla mix. Here's all you need....masa, warm water and wax paper. That's it. The directions are right on the package and very easy to follow.

Choose the amount of tortillas you would like to make, measure out corn flour and add warm water. And find a lovely hand model like I did. For free.

Mix thoroughly.
The dough should come together and form a soft ball. If it is crumbly, add a tablespoon of warm water until you can form the ball.

Would someone please invite this girl over? PPPPLLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!? She is nothing but silly.

Frick didn't think this was so great. Especially when "someone" started making cracks about balls. And how we had 18 of them. And it didn't stop there. Believe me.

You are supposed to roll it between wax paper until it is about 6 inches in diameter.

We got the tape measure out to help us. Then we kept one tortilla for a model. That helped a lot.

The directions call for a hot skillet or griddle. Hot like 475 degrees hot. We started with my electric skillet. Not hot enough. They wouldn't cook.

Out came the griddles. They got hot enough. Oh my did they ever get hot enough.

This is why we were making tortillas....we were having chicken fajitas for dinner. MMMMM....they rocked.

Nutrition information....bonus for a woman of a certain age...3 grams of fiber per serving....plus this bag was only $3.69. Really what a bargain. Except for the small fire we had. But we aren't mentioning that. Or posting pictures. Really. We aren't.

This is shortly before the "issue" that isn't being mentioned. Really. Not mentioned. My eyes are still burning but the house is no longer filled with smoke. But the smell oh the smell. Candles help. Really.

And once again....the kids plated their meals for your viewing pleasure.....Frack is up first. CG is torked because she called the purple plate.....

CG....being well, CG. Nothing but silly. Man I am gonna miss her in 2 weeks. She has been so fun all summer!

And finally.....Frick. He does plate a lovely meal. Through the smoke, that is.

Consensus on homemade tortillas.....eh.
Could be better.
Will we try again?
With some modifications....like possibly frying them in hot oil.
But the fajitas were fantastic. Just sayin'.

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The Chance Family said...

Oh my gosh! I want to try making these! I found your blog off of a friends blog and just saw this recipe. WOW! Looks delicious!

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