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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ozark BBQ

We hauled ourselves out of the lake on Saturday late afternoon to head into town. We went to Mass and then headed down to mile marker 10 for some BBQ. I don't eat smoked food. I am much too delicate and my system cannot manage. Kind of like I can't manage diet pepsi.

But it was a really cool place.

Anyway. Ozark BBQ is right on the lake. You can even take your boat to get there. We didn't because it is 17 mile markers away from Granny's and it would take almost 2 hours by boat to get there. I'm just tellin' you what Granny said.

We sat out on the deck so we could watch the carp. Yep. Watch the carp. They have a few.

This was just incredible to me. And yet, so incredibly disgusting at the same time. There were hundreds of hugongondous carp. I mean hugongondous. You just feed them. They have food you can use or if your mom isn't watching you can dump your plate over the edge into the lake and smile sweetly when she screeches. Which is what a veryveryvery cute little blonde boy tried to do--but his people caught him before the whole plate went in. As the mother of big kids, I got a little chuckle out of the whole scene. Bonus for me--my people don't share food so this never would have happened in our life.

This picture is from above the carp.

Same deal. Above the carp. There are a few other kinds of fish...we saw several very nice sized catfish hanging out in the middle of the carp and a very large koi (not sure of the spelling especially since I thought they were called 'poi'--my bad). I never could get a shot of him. He was shy, I guess.

The water was pretty choppy and the boat dock was really moving and shaking...but I got brave and went down to shoot some video. Frick and Frack went right out there but CG stayed close to land.

This is pretty amazing to us. We are easily entertained.

Oh...and the food was good, too. CG and I had chicken strips and the most incredible fries I have ever had. I'm still dreaming of them. Frick and Frack had 1/2 pound hamburgers--which they said were delicious and Mr. Wonderful had a sandwich called "the whole pig". He said it was most delicious. But be warned if you decide to venture out to Ozark BBQ--you're gonna need some cash. It wasn't anywhere near cheap. Or even reasonably priced.

Just sayin'.

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Mike Hays said...

The cute little blond boy who dumped most of his plate of food for the carps proceeds to tell his parents a few minutes later when it's time to leave that he's hungry and wants to go get ice cream. The look his mom and dad gave him was priceless. We've all been there...

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