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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going, Going....Almost Gone

Well, we're off to the Lake of the Ozarks. This is where I will spend my time....on land in a chair reading a book. It is my goal to read a book a day. That means 7 books. I think I can do it. If nobody talks to me.

SophieDog is going...she loves it.....

SophieDog swims. Eats. Sleeps. Repeat.

Granny and Grandpa will be there for part of the week. We haven't seen them for awhile...and we miss them. It will be fun to be with them--and they like us best so I am sure they are excited for us to arrive!

Way Back Wednesday....who knows what year this is? I have no idea. Imagine that....but this is what my kids love to do while we are there....Fish and eat. Eat and fish. Swim if no snakes have been spotted. Eat. Fish. Swim. Sleep. Repeat.

And although this picture is 5 years old....we will be celebrating Mr. Wonderful's birthday while we are there. Granny is very excited about this part. She loves her kids birthdays--they are a celebration of life for her. And she gets to make him peach pie--his favorite. And she makes excellent pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Worth the trip.

His birthday is kind of a big day for various reasons...he was 5 the day that Man walked on the moon. He and his siblings--except the youngest--can remember where they were at on that day and they love to tell that story. It also means that it has been 40 years since he got the best present he has ever gotten--Herbie the Dog. The Hays Family has some great Herbie stories. Granny tells them best.....especially the one about when all 6 kids were in the station wagon and she backed out of the garage right over Herbie. Oops. (Herbie lived but ran crooked!)

See you soon, Granny....we love you. Please get dinner ready.....and that pie. Now is good for me. I go on and on about her pie as I read back through this post BUT I cannot make pie crust to save my life. When Granny kicks the bucket pie as we know it also kicks the bucket. She has worked with me on several occasions--but my people have put their feet down and I am no longer allowed to make pie. Just stop they said. Give it up.

I will not be in the vicinity of internet for 7 days....carry on without me. Just sayin'.

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The Dugan's said...

Ahh Geez - Come home soon! We miss your postings!

Hope you had a great time!

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