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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Bags

Let me take care of some business from yesterday's post--

Yes. We are really only going to be allowed to take our book bags and the one green grocery bag.

CG claims she is going to get everything she needs in her book bag.

Frick says he can get everything he needs in his book bag. Size 13 shoes? We'll see.

Frack isn't making any statements.

Mr. Wonderful will have room in his green bag for any of my extra stuff. Heck, he won't even need a green bag.

I am worried about my book stack for vacation. It usually gets its own bag.

Decision time.....

Clothes or books? Clothes? Books? Clothes....books.


Clothes are overrated.


Kerri said...

Do you have the newest Karen Kingsbury books? If so , may I borrow them? Thanks, Have fun on vacation.

Hays Family 5 said...

Nope. Sorry.

Mike Hays said...

Rule Interpretation #1
I. The Family Suitcase(-CASE, not CASES)is for books, toiletries, etc.
II. Individuals
A. Grocery bag is for clothes, shoes, towels, etc.
B. Bookbag is for electronics, writing materials, etc.
C. The dog gets to take whatever she wants...

Commissioner of Vacations

Bridgette said...

No wonder you call him Mr. Wonderful! Toiletries and books in a sep. suitcase! You can def. do it know!

Julie Hamel said...

Can't wait to read your next entry, Mrs. Hays!!!

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