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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Closing In

Marching band season is quickly coming to an end. Last night was the first truly coldcoldcold night....I prayed for rain all day so I could stay home. Does that make me a bad parent?


I enjoy seeing my children do things that they love...BUT I am a weather weenie. I really like warm weather. I mean REALLY LIKE.

The Tigers did win...that puts them into district play so we are guaranteed another game. Possibly a home game and that would mean another performance for the marching band. That would be fantastic--and hopefully it would be slightly warmer than the 42 degrees it was late in the 3rd quarter last night.

I took some pictures from the visiting teams side. I thought it might be kind of cool to have our crowd in the pictures...until I realized that we didn't have much of a crowd. There must be more weather weenies out there than I realized...

I love the tubas...and to the farthest right in the picture you see the backside of my favorite trumpet player....

Here he is in the front center....he loves band. When he was a little boy...well, younger because he hasn't ever been little....he would always tell us that he was going to be in the band. It was always his favorite part of any event. It's always good to see your kids do something they love.

And, yet again, another twirling video. I tell you that this is for the Grandma's....but it's really for us, too. We get many a compliment on how enjoyable it is to watch her perform...and our joking response is--after we say thank you, of course--"that's what 9 million dollars spent on lessons will get ya!" Just sayin'.

This is her 3 baton routine performed for the visiting crowd. The high school drill team was performing to our crowd. The visiting crowd was SUPER appreciative of her performance and for that, I thank them!


kbrenz said...

I'm just glad she got to dress in more than one layer and got to wear pants!!! Hopefully we'll have everyone back for next week's performance.

Kate said...

Tell Lexi she is awesome! Your 9 million dollars has paid off. Kennedy thinks she is way cool! Along w/ the rest of us of course!

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