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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Way Back Wednesday


The greatest holiday ever invented according to my husband. He loveslovesloves Halloween. It is a holiday in his mind. He and his brothers have some great stories surrounding Halloween. One of the greatest...well, it's probably best left in the Hays Hall of Fame.

College Girl was 6 months old on her first Halloween. And we lived in the country. Big whoop. Nobody trick or treats at your house when you live in the country. Pretty disappointing. Her second Halloween she was all set to trick or treat as beautiful ballerina and it snowed. For real. Snow. Like as in a snow day snow. And I can't find the pictures.

Frick and Frack helped me search our not so well organized photos and we found some doozies. I could have cropped out the background on this pic, but why? That tv, those antenna, a shirt hanging on the wall, decorations taped to that super fantastic ever so lovely paneling. And she was a witch. That is what she wanted to be EVERY freakin' year. I am guessing this is 1993.

Ooohhhh. Frick and Frack's first Halloween. I know what year this is...1994. And yes, they are Jennifer and Joe Montana. They look frightened beyond belief. Wouldn't crack a smile for nothing.

Here we are arriving home after trick or treating.... it was colder than a witches..um, well, it was cold.

Yeah. In 1995, College Girl decided that she would try being a princess. Under protest. I think I banned the witch costume and invented this one....she hated with a capital H hated those pink converse tennis shoes. I thought it made the costume. My bad. Screaming and crying resulted. From me, of course. She wore the shoes for the picture but not for Halloween. She always wins. But currently, she owns a pair of pink converse tennis shoes...hmm. Maybe I did win.

I just want you to notice all the crap in the background.

This is the year that I was super inventive and made Frick and Frack costumes. Fred and Wilma Flintstone. So I didn't really think this through. A 5-year-old and 2 18 month olds equals no time for sewing. Nut case and screaming and crying...again, from me. Of course. Again, notice all that crap in the background. Did I ever pick anything up?

They are so cute...I miss this! Here is some advice...take pictures and more pictures. It's all you have when they get to be big smart asses about everything. When you want to poison their pancakes, you can pull out the pictures of when they were little and sweet and cute to remind yourself that you gave birth to these evil spawns of the devil and it is all worth it. REally. No. REally.

1996. Circle and a Square. Which just pretty much sums up everything you need to know about 1996.

This year College Girl was an angel. Remade the princess costume into an angel costume. The dad actually made Frick and Frack's costumes. He was very proud of himself. It's what no money and a little creativity will get you. Again, notice the crap. I purposely left this photo uncropped so you could see that I am less than perfect at housekeeping, laundry and well, everything. Except my hair. My hair is perfect.

Oh my. This makes me cry. They were so fun. Oh man. Snifflesniffle.

1997. We moved to town in the spring. I am not sure what they were more excited about....people trick or treating at our house or not having to load in the car to go somewhere.

Preschool. 1998--I think. I should have written on the back of the photos. Looks like Frick is Batman--Why?

This might be 1999. Isn't she sweet? We revitalized the angel costume from years before. She wanted to be an angel. Wish that were the case these days.....

First grade. Parade at school. Our elementary school does a whole school parade...which is awesome! It is so much fun to see all the costumes that people come up with. And this room? No longer looks this way. I miss this old school look...and the person who used to teach in this room.

One of the last years of College Girl trick or treating.....

We have moved since these photos were taken. We moved to super fantastic street where everyone comes to trick or treat. Last year we had around 250 kids. And I have a current battle with my favorite Lane and my favorite Wallace involving silly string.....watch it boys...you never know what you're gonna get....

Time goes fast.

Life changes.

Don't wish it away...enjoy each day as it comes. Just sayin'.

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Ann said...

Love it!! What neat pictures!!! I can't believe college girl slept like that!!! Mouth wide open!! Too funny!!!

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