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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Hays Family Christmas

Christmas 2008 was spent with the Hays Family. We traveled Christmas morning to my husband's brothers home. We are very fortunate to have Uncle Ed with us to say our family mass--he recently celebrated his 50th year as a priest. This is a tradition (mass at a family members home) that has been occurring for awhile........and Father Ed gives a wonderful, thought-provoking homily each year. Thanks, Father Ed.

This is our nephew, Luke. This was his first year to do the reading for the mass. He is in first grade and did an absolutely fantastic job! He is a real pistol and it made is momma and daddy just a little proud to have him read. Oh and it meant he got to wear his "tuxedo" to do the job. He was very pleased with his spiffy duds. Although, his mother took the jacket right away so it would get dirty! Hays boys and dirt....HA!

Most people have a children's table tucked away....not our family. We have a Grown-Up People's Room....I'll be joining them soon.....well, probably not.

This is Granny opening her gifts. This is the Granny who called us in mid-November and said in her really good Granny voice, "No gifts for Grandpa and I this year. We know the times are tough....and we all have to cut back." NO gifts for Grandpa is what she really meant......don't let her kid you, she loves getting gifts! None of us listened to her....which she is used to........we never listen to her. It is a Hays gene pool issue....

Here is the last of the "little kids" waiting to open presents! There is one more "little" kid who is missing form the picture due to a PSP game. They were very patient as the grown-ups were eating....and it was fun to watch them open their gifts. For these two it is the last year for a "present". Granny has rules, you know!!

We had a wonderful day with the Hays Family....lots of laughter and stories but we missed several members and they were thought of numerous times during the celebration of the Savior's Birth....our Texas Family and our St. Louis Family were missed greatly.....Maybe next year we will be all together... Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the Christmas pictures (especially Luke in his suit). Looks like it was a lot of fun! We missed everyone.

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