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Friday, January 2, 2009

Have You Seen This Boy?

I just want to say that I have about 50 different posts that I want to make.....and it is increasingly difficult to decide what to post first because I am so excited about the ideas I have for my blog! So you may still be getting Christmas 08 pics in the summer...........

Anyway....My Son....my favorite son, I might add...... looked like this on about the third day of high school. He is cute, very cute. Not sure why he wore THAT shirt for his school picture, but now we will forever have a picture of THAT shirt. Lucky us. Remember, I paid money for these pictures. Just sayin'.

And then, much to his sisters dismay, he announced that he was going to grow his hair. So in my little pea brain, I thought, whatever. He hates it when his head gets all sweaty. And he will have to wash it, really wash it. With real shampoo, not just the bar of soap. And then actually comb it. Nah, this won't last long. It's a phase. Oh, and before I go any further...let me share my philosophy on hair with you......IT IS HAIR AND I WILL NOT FIGHT OVER SOMETHING AS STUPID AS HAIR. Pick your battles has always been my philosophy. So when it comes to hair, if you want to go around looking stupid that's your problem. I refuse to argue over the length of my sons hair.

So this is how he looks today. His sisters are driven crazy by the length of his hair. Oh my....you should see them LOOK at each other when he comes out of his room after his shower! It is making them nutso.....short trip, I know. But I am now under the impression that he may just be growing his hair out on purpose because it drives his sisters crazy. I don't believe I ever did anything like that to my brother. Never, not me.

I did ask him to let me know when he would like a haircut. And from whom he would like a haircut. The last time he had a haircut in an actual salon, he was probably 4 or 5. We have our own clippers and occasionally would go to His Favorite Bloom Girl to get a "shape up". One day, a very good friend of ours, who for whatever reason thinks my son walks on water, told him that getting your haircut by a girl was, well just wrong. No haircuts from a girl since that day! Thanks, Rex...you're a gem. Really, you are.

Just waiting on the day he asks for a haircut. It is only hair, it is only hair, it is only hair......

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