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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

OK. So it is Way Back Wednesday. And you are asking yourself..."Man, I wonder how old these pics are?" Well, let me tell you.....these pics aren't from Way Back. I just took them last night and really, they aren't all that great. The lighting in my kitchen stinks. But that's another story. It's the stuff in the picture that is Way Back.....yep. That's my stove. And my oven. And yep. They are pink. Well, and could be a whole lot cleaner. But they are pink pink pink. Try not to be jealous.

And yep, those are push buttons on that stove. And yep, these appliances work. Dang it!

I say that because my husband says until the Appliance Guy tells us he can't repair them, we will use them because THEY AREN"T BROKEN. We have lived here for 5+ years, the Appliance Guy hasn't been here once to work on them. Dang it!

In talking to former owners of the home as well as neighbors, we have discovered some interesting facts about our home. The most interesting is that it used to be a 2-story home. Somewhere around 1955, the owners had the second story taken off and the house was reconfigured into a ranch style home. Sort of. We have 10 foot ceilings everywhere and the front door is actually on the wrong side of the house for it to be called a true ranch. But anyway. Back to the appliances.

They were put in during the early 1960's. The family that lived here at the time is still around and when I visited with the daughter, I asked her about the appliances....and get this.....she can remember when they were installed. She said it was the greatest day.....and she asked if the butterfly wallpaper was still here, too. Oh and it was. Isn't that hilarious!?

And the reason we still have these? My husband....well, OK, and me.....believe that we as Americans are very wasteful. We get new stuff just to get new stuff. Things are replaced because a new, better model comes out....not because our old one is broken and can't be fixed. Oh I know, we are a wasteful family, too. But we are trying....to be better.

So until the Appliance Guy shows up and tells us these can't be fixed, we'll just keep using them. It is now a game...how long will they last? Any bets?


vickisherbert said...

If only we hadn't sold the house on 10th St. We had the matching pink tub, toilet, and sink ensemble to go with your appliances.

I wouldn't count on them dying anytime soon. And, guaranteed, the second they do they will be classified as vintage and would have brought a pretty penny......if they worked.

The 5 C's said...

BRENT SAYS "Quit complaining about a perfectly good stove"

Kelli-this is going against my better judgement in posting this comment...

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