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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alike...but NO

OK. So see I have these three children. You have seen them. Some have you have been lucky enough to spend time with them. Sorry. Not really. They are a lot of fun. Really they are....especially when they are sleeping. Never wake a sleeping baby. 1o year old. Teenager. NEVER.

Anyway. Here is the problem. Suddenly it seems that people are having a difficult time telling them apart. No not my son. They have no issues knowing who he is. He's the big one with the constant smile. But there is one issue....someone had the nerve to say OUT LOUD to him that he acts like his mother. And they said it like it was a bad thing.

It's my girls. They suddenly are look alikes. Not for me. They aren't. That's why I posted these two pictures. This is how they look to me. Totally different. Totally.

It's been a crack up. One day a little girl said to Frack.....'you look different.' Um...I am not College Girl....and then the little girl says....'you sound different.' UM....I am NOT College Girl.....and then....'your purse isn't as cool as College Girls.'.....UM....THAT IS MY PURSE. SHE TOOK IT....and then....'you look different.'

This went on all summer. With a lot of people. Grown ups and little kids. I just don't see it. They simply don't look alike to me. I just can't see it. Different eyes....one poop colored...one greenbluegrey colored depending on her mood. Her eyes are like a mood ring. Don't ask me...my eyes are a lovely shade of brilliant blue. And the Dad...poop colored. Their hair isn't even close to the same....one has hair and one doesn't have hair. One wears a ponytail and one actually knows how to use hair products and equipment. I just don't see it. Maybe you do?

They have gotten lots of double takes...like I can see people looking to see which one it is....there is one thing, though.....

Goofballs. ALL of them. And I lovelovelove them. Just sayin'.

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Marah H said...

Excuse me.... the 'color' poop is not an acceptable term for eye color. Let's try... the deep brown of an Amazon rainforest tree.

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