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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fire Batons....2009

Every boy loves to play with it and my girl loves to twirl it. When she was a little girl sitting in the stands watching the halftime show, she dreamed of the day she would get out there and twirl fire batons.

That day has come.....again. This is what 9 million dollars spent on baton twirling lessons will getchaya.

I chose this video...not because it was the best fire twirling we had Friday night but because at the end of the fire twirling display...this girl's girl is heard....listen until the end....she was a little worried about the fire and kept asking her grandma when it would go out. We're just glad her cousin wasn't there...he is the protector of all things HOT.....


Ann said...

Dylan says "Oh, no Lexie!!! HOT!!!" Yes, it was a good thing he wasn't there. He would have been all worked up!!!
We did really enjoy watching her in the parade though. He came home and told Daddy all about Lexie in the parade. Sorry Logan your outfit wasn't cute enough for him to remember you and tell Daddy about it!!!:-)

Walleta said...

Lexie did an awesome job. Yes, my girl was a little worried about the whole idea.

Kate said...

Oh Kelly that is definately my daughter! ;) Always concerned about others questionable actions.......like twirling a baton that is lit on fire!!!! She might possibly take after that lady she was there with?!? Too cute. Thx for posting it. When she is up from nap I will definately play this for her :)

vickisherbert said...

You know how the Codeman feels about this.

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