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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

This is what we woke up to on Christmas morning.....

and ended up staying home.  We missed our KC family GREATLY...Father Ed's mass, Chloe's first Christmas, Uncle Tim's hugs and ham, Aunt Lisa's really awesome table and and and I could go on, but the gist of the deal is...we were at home.  And that was good, too.  It seems as though my sinuses have decided to wreck havoc on me and I was glad to be able to rest on my heat pad and take it pretty easy. 

The kids found a recipe for homemade pretzels and made them.  They were pretty good warm...cold took a little more chewing.  They had a great time!

We had cheesy potato soup and chicken dumpling soup.  Frack and I actually created this recipe and it tasted pretty darn good.

I have been pretty amazed at my children's cooking knowlege...it seems as though they have inherited my love of recipes and cooking.  It does my heart good to know that they can cook from scratch.

Frack attempted to make taffy on Christmas Day afternoon.  I helped her with the recipe and we talked about the whole thing before she started.  Her sister, you know the one who goes to college, was her assistant and I think the Dad might have been involved.  If you hear the words, 'IT LOOKS LIKE HAIR' you might want to pretend you are sleeping when you are invited to try the hair, I mean taffy. 

After some consultation with her Grandma Cindy

and several cookbooks later, she attempted taffy again today.  She assured me that it costs almost nothing to make taffy.  But what do you do with blue hair, I mean taffy?  Anyway, this time she got her taffy.  Her dad and I were pullers and I must say that we did a mighty fine job.  More on this adventure a little later.


So my mom, my Uncle Tom and my brother came to our house Saturday for Christmas.  This is what Scotty did the entire time he was here: 

Which is exactly what his nieces hoped he would do while he was here.  He did take some time to play a game of 'Oh Hell' with me to refresh my memory on the rules, but right back to the puzzle.  When we were kids, Mom would keep a puzzle set up all winter long.  Scotty could sit for hours and hours working on the puzzle.  I am a puzzle grazer not a puzzle sitter.

My mom brought us a wonderful gift......

And...yep. Matching pants.

You cannot imagine the pleasure I felt when Frack opened up Salthawk donned clothing.  And then College Girl.  And then Frick.  And then my husband.  Oh the pleasure!  He is constantly giving me grief over being a Salthawk.  At Thanksgiving, my girls were looking through my old Allegeroo's and discovered that the pep club was called, 'the Briny Birds'.  They have given me so much crap over the Briny Birds--I have determined that they are just jealous because they aren't members of a cool pep club like the Briny Birds.  Nor do they have a cool mascot like a Salthawk. 

And then when my husband had to put on the Salthawk shirt (he drew the line at the pants) for a picture--one would have thought he was going to wither up and die.  He looks good in blue and gold, don't you think?  Maybe it was the State Champion part he was shuddering about...

Lots of laughing, eating and napping have gone on at the Hays House.  I could get used to this...
just sayin'.


Mrs. E said...

Oh, pep clubs--those were the days! I love the taffy story. I haven't made taffy since I was a kid. Sounds like your Christmas was about like ours--home, impromptu, and a sickly one amongst us. Hope you are feeling better!

Lisa said...

My kids think I must have been a nerd because I was in pep club, but obviously I was one of the cool kids if you were in it too AND you are younger than me.

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