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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thinking of a Title for This Daily Posting is Wearing Me Out

So I am going to squeak this post under the wire (and I am watching the clock and hoping I finish--I am working as fast as I can at this time of the night on a Friday when I had to go to school for five days in a row). It's January 15, and I have posted everyday but one. I did post twice on one day, does that count? It's harder than I thought it would be. I have to really shout out my admiration to those bloggers who post daily. I am not short of ideas, I am short of time.

Really the only reason I am posting tonight is because I have to stay awake to put pep squad necessities in the dryer that are needed for The Pep Squad trip tomorrow morning at 7:30. This is when spares would come in very handy.

Big ball game tonight for our high school boys. I go to watch the band and the pep squad....the drummer in this video rocks and if you look closely you will see my favorite trumpet player.  He looks like the trombone is going to hit him in the head.  Thank goodness it didn't, his head could do some damage.

I have no pictures to share of our girls basketball team because I didn't get there in time to take pictures of their game.  I feel bad about that but I was caught up in reading and lost track of the time.  When I did arrive I found we had a full house and our usual seats were sort of taken and I lost my head.

I did manage to get some shots of my high school aide....

And some a whole lot of my usual shots.....

Our boys pulled off a win!  It was a huge game for both teams as we were both undefeated going into tonight's contest.  It was hotter than the dickens in the gym but the entertainment was spectacular.  We are heading into our big tournament 8-0.  WOW!  Way to fight, Tigers.

I do plan to update you on my Eat From the Pantry Challenge, my grown-up book club selection for January and a very funny story involving a third grade boy over the weekend.  We are headed to the Metropolis on Sunday for some family time and my third grade boys are playing basketball tomorrow in a tourney here in town.

Life is all good...just sayin'.  And I made it with 23 minutes to spare....


Ann said...

Dylan was very impressed with the band but also wanted to "watch" some of the game too!!! He swears that both of the twins are playing in the band....not sure which one he thinks his favorite girl is!!

Mrs. E said...

I run out of time to post every day, too. If only I didn't have to work!! (Of course, then I'd have nothing to write about!)

So glad your Tiger team is doing well. Trailer High has struggled in every sport this year. I know the kids on the team get down, but for the most part--morale is good. Why? I have no idea.

PS. I usually went to the games to watch a couple of cheerleaders when the girls were in school!

kbrenz said...

Thanks for posting the band video! I had a feeling I was maybe playing a little too loud Friday night but your video confirmed that a tenor sax can never be loud enough.

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