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Thursday, January 7, 2010


This weather is brutal.  We live in the center of town and it is scarycold.  I cannot begin to imagine what my friends who live in the country are experiencing--let alone how they are caring for the livestock.  I searched and located both our kitty cats so our 'livestock' is all good.  Bud was nice enough to let Willy hang out in the garage.  Mighty big of Big Bud Bad A...!  Of course, Sophiegirl is all toasty warm inside the house.

We did not have school today, thank goodness.  I would be mess waiting to make sure my country kids got to and from school on the buses.  We are waiting for the verdict for Friday.  I am hoping for at least a 2 hour delay. 

So since I was given a gift of a day at home, I completed several projects.  Oh and made the traditional snow day cinnamon rolls.  Once again, I think they might be the best I have ever made....

I didn't get a picture before but I think this after picture tells a lot.  Yes, my favorite girl twin takes hers right out of the middle everytime.  And before you get your shorts in a bunch, Mrs. Rankin, you can find the recipe here.  I would read the suggestions at the bottom of the recipe before you begin and I melt one stick of real butter (do they sell any other?)  to coat my dough after I roll it out.  I also use brown sugar instead of white sugar on top of the melted butter.  Today when I made the frosting, I used powdered sugar, quite a bit of vanilla (that's why the frosting looks like caramel) and a little milk.  They really were fantastic.

I also paid bills and did school stuff.  Blech on the bills.  School stuff needed to be done and I still have some more stuff that I want to get done.


Frack has a little project in progress...and I actually let her use my sewing machine.  That machine is rather sacred to me so this was kind of a big deal.  I thought about having her use my old machine, but I am trying to let go of my inner control freak.

She is making hot pads.  You know the kind filled with rice,beans or wheat and warm up in the microwave?  My mom made some yearsyearsyears ago, and I made replacements yearsyears ago.  Now she is making some.  It's a great snow day project. 

I did alter our menu for the week--but I didn't have to go to the store to do it.  We are having chicken and noodles and homemade wheat bread for dinner.  I also got another batch of refried beans going in the crock pot.  I am sold on making refried beans from scratch--it was fairly simple and they tasted absolutely divine!  This time I doubled the recipe and again, plan to put them in the freezer.

Stay warm and safe.  Just sayin'.


Marah H said...

PLEASE DO NOT FREEZE THOSE CINNAMON ROLLS. I would like one tomorrow when I get home :)

Mrs. E said...

I'm thinking I might drop in for a cup of coffee at your house! ;) yum!

Aside from the cooking (I do it with slight resistence)--we are quite the kindred souls: control freaks, guarded sewing machines, and worrying about our students! I hope you are off tomorrow. Seriuosly, better safe than sorry!

Hays Family 5 said...

We get the day off, again. I am very thankful that my kids who ride from the very southern point of the county do NOT have to get on a bus on Friday.

Mrs. E said...

I see my creative spelling above! yikes!

Looks to me like a lot of school administrators made a wise decision. Enjoy your day! I'm hoping your cooking will inspire me to get with it tomorrow!

The Rankins said...

Oh my! OH my! OH MY! Thank you! Cinnamon rolls is a goal of mine. To master a reciple I like that is. Key word: like. I have tried SEVERAL recipes and can't find one I LOVE! (I actually thought of you on Thursday and wondered if you were making rolls...and if you would post the reciple this time...and then you did...YEA!! :) I am going to make a pot of chili and try out the roll recipe, because as everyone in USD 379 knows, you can't have chili without cinnamon rolls!

Hays Family 5 said...

So true! Cinnamon rolls save that meal every time! I am sure that BabyLogan is ready to try your rolls anytime you are ready to make them! Go slowly through the recipe....and use your common sense and they will turn out fantastic!

I think we are going to have homemade pizza for dinner tonight. Lex is going to make us some sort of treat today. My treat is lunch with Mrs. Murphy at Danny's.

Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Look at that girl sew. Makes her old FACS teacher's heart go pitter-pat.

I'm going to try the homemade refried beans. Looks easy and good.

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